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How Amazing Would It Feel To Be Confident, Present, Self-Accepted and Understand Your Masculinity?

Let me take a guess about you...

You're a professional man, moving towards 50, and at a transition point in your career and life. 

However, you're currently feeling like this:

  • Low confidence -
  • Unsure of life direction 
  • Feeling tied down   
  • Pressured
  • Lacking energy
  • No longer trusting your instincts. 

If you're seeking a community of like-minded, professional men for support, as you learn and grow so that you can form better relationships, be healthier, more prosperous, and much happier. 

Then you've come to the right place!  


Yearly Membership From $79 USD Per Month

Join the #1 Community for Professional Men seeking to Learn and Grow through Connection and Sharing

Think of the Impactful Men Community as your centre of information and resources for tackling key male topics that impact you the most!  

There Is Something For You Right Here

Virtual Live Training & Monthly Challenges

A monthly training and connection call with Impactful Men Founder, Kevin Davidson and your fellow members. Each month you'll be presented with a new topic and assignments to complete that month, to deepen your self-knowledge and become more impactful.

Member Sharing Sessions 

We want our members to get the best experience from gathering together as a community. What better way than to contribute and participate by sharing stories with fellow members to build empathy, knowledge, insight and support. 

Q&A  Sessions

An opportunity for members to post live questions based on the monthly topic. To build understanding, identify learning areas, and create a roadmap for them to take the necessary steps for transformation and change that will wholly benefit their lives.

Exercises, Information and Activities 

Quizzes, posts, videos and activities, designed to build togetherness and commitment as a community to support your personal growth for you to lead and create a happier, healthier, and wealthier life.

Yearly Membership From $79 USD Per Month

What our Clients Say:

Helped me see my blind spots and showed me tools that I was able to work with to hit some targets that previously I had thought were unattainable. -ADAM P.

I was full of self doubt and ambivalence within myself. My direction in life has shifted and my attitude to individual performance, productivity, and confidence is now front and centre. -JULIAN S


Circle of Trust

Our clients tell us that as men they need a safe place for growth, health, friendship and support. That's what we provide for you.

Connection and Sharing

Sharing knowledge and stories enable men to grow quicker and stronger. This is reinforced when aligned in a community that have similar goals.


Vulnerability allows you to be human. It creates space for others to see your authenticity and build deeper connections. Our Community provides a platform to support empowerment, create rapport and grow together.

Self-Acceptance and Peace

Unlocking the door to share with others creates self-acceptance and peace

Yearly Membership From $79 USD Per Month

About Kevin Davidson

Yearly Membership From $79 USD Per Month

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